If you would like to help in the production of my next project Fables feel free to make a donation of any size. Thank you in advance!

Fables will is a collection of contemporary jazz numbers. The nine songs are based on various world fables. The fables include:

    • Rabbit In The Moon (Aztec Fable)

    • The Scorpion And The Frog (Russia Fable)

    • The Lions Whisker (Ethiopian Fable)

    • The Owl And The Grasshopper (Aesop Fable)

    • Momotaro (Japanese Fable)

    • The Woodpecker And Lion (Tibet Fable “Jataka Tales – Stories of the Buddha’s Past Lives)

    • The Indigo Jackal (From The Panchatantra An Ancient Indian Collection Fables)

    • The Thief And The Inn Keeper (Aesop Fable)