A collection of atmospheric and electronic symphonic compositions

I’m currently completing final mixing and mastering.

About The CD

This project started out as just a few compositions (mostly atmospheric) that didn’t fit into the “Measure Twice” progressive/fusion rock project I’m working on. As I completed a few more of the songs the project started to take on a life of it’s own.

About The Songs



Water Color & Pen by Peter Combs

jim combs music

“Waiting” By Cecilia Combs

To count hours is to count the silver pearls on a golden chain

To watch the movement of the old Grandfather clock

Tucked away in the parlor

That my friend, is waiting.


To watch the blue waves crash upon the shore

To pace about the Widow’s Walk

To sit with eye trained on the horizon

And search for dawn

That my friend, is waiting.

To wait in fear Or ecstasy

For a future you are afraid to be

To wait for him, or her, or them.

To wait for you, us, or me.

That my friend, is waiting.


To watch the trees turn from green to brown

To watch them then fall upon the ground

To sit under the cherry tree, reading letters sent from me.

That my friend, is waiting.

To stroke a cat by firelight

As you watch the sky be bruised tonight.

To bite your lip to keep from laughing with delight

Until you’re alone and the time is right

That my friend, is waiting.


To keep a treasure buried in your sock drawer

To draw a map of which you are sure

Will lead to worthy to your gold

To whisper to your friend instead of standing and shouting

That my friend, is waiting.

Reichenbach Falls (an unsolvable problem)

Reichenbach Falls jim combs music

Janguru Taitei (Jungle Emperor )

Many of the sounds I hear for my compositions come from my love of Isao Tomita’s recordings. I first heard Tomita while at college in 1979 his “The Bermuda Triangle” LP was released and my electronic music instructor had mentioned it. I rushed out to the local Sam Goddy store and bought the cassettes “The Bermuda Triangle”, “Holst: The Planets” and “Snowflakes Are Dancing”. I later added to my collection his “Firebird”, “Kosmos” and “Daphnis et Chole” recordings.

Although Tomita’s Snowflakes are Dancing was an industry success and made computerized/synthesizer music popular way before New Age Electronic music hit in the end of the late seventies. I don’t think Tomita ever got the real recognition he deserved for his work and vision.

I made a wonderful discovery, that one of my favorite afterschool cartoons in the late 1960’s (aired on WPHL-TV Channel 17) was Kimba the White Lion. Kimba was known in Japan as Jungle Emperor (Janguru Taitei) and the music was written by Tomita.
So my Janguru Taitei is an homage to Isao Tomita’s influence.

jim combs music Janguru Taitei